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Lot 17, Jalan E 1/4,
Taman Ehsan,
52100, Kuala Lumpur,

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Email: enquiry@hkh.com.my

6872, Sedco Light Industrian Estate, Mile 3, Apas Road,
91000 Tawau, Sabah,
East Malaysia.

Tel: 6-089-913093, 913920
Fax: 6-089-913887
Email: enquiry@hkh.com.my


Corporate Overview

The Hai Kee Hung Group of Companies comprises Hai Kee Hung Sdn. Bhd., Haiky Borneo Sdn. Bhd. and Hai Kee Hung Fisheries Sdn. Bhd. The Group started in 1994 as a trader of seafood. It has since diversified into an integrated seafood supply chain management operator.

The core activities are processing of chilled and frozen seafood. It processes over 3,000,000 kg of fishery chilled and frozen seafood annually. In addition, it also imports certain popular seafood items from South Asia countries. These activities are supported by 700 metric tonnes cold room facility.

Working from an inventory of over 1000 seafood items, the Group distributes its seafood via air, refrigerated trucks and ships nationally and worldwide. The products are sold in the wholesale market, premium establishments and institutional clients. Some of the products are exported to the Far East and the US markets.

The Group has experience in farming of soft shell crabs, lobster and marine fishes, as well as culture of fish fry. Its total workforce of 350 people is dedicated to provide safe and top quality products at affordable prices. More about the group under the underlined catagory

Frozen Division - Hai Kee Hung Sdn Bhd

From initial supply of freshly frozen seafood to restaurants nationwide, it has built a reputation founded on the belief that Hai Kee Hung Sdn Bhd only delivers top quality products. Our products are processed to be widely acceptable, achieving greater shelf life produced under stringent control conditions so as to assured freshness and customers’ satisfaction.

Today, Hai Kee Hung Sdn Bhd is a successful supplier of premium seafood to major resort hotel establishments and catering division of an international airline carrier.

Wholesale Division – Hai Kee Hung Fisheries Sdn Bhd

Hai Kee Hung Fisheries Sdn Bhd is a major operator for the premium seafood segment in the country’s biggest wholesale market, the Selayang Wholesale Market in Kuala Lumpur. These products are purchased selectively using sensory evaluation method from its sister company Haiky Borneo Sdn Bhd. They are then cleaned and chilled with plate ice before packed into specially made shippers container designed to keep seafood at optimum freshness and flavour.

Processing Division – Haiky Borneo Sdn Bhd.

Haiky Borneo Sdn Bhd sources the Group’s purchases and processes the seafood at its factories in Sandakan and Tawau in the state of Sabah. It uses up to date refrigerating system to freeze products at temperature up to below -45ºC in less than 2 hours and will soon turn out IQF products at temperature up to below -34ºC in less than 25 minutes.

Haiky Borneo Sdn Bhd is fully committed to good manufacturing practice and has applied to the Ministry of Health for HACCP certification for a variety of products.

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